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In January 2015, after having observed that the closest gambling club of backgammon to the Principality of Monaco was situated in Cannes, Patricia Rey decided to create his own association and the Monte-Carlo Backgammon Association was born in September 2015.

Monte-Carlo is a historical spot renowned for the practice of the game and this new association has established itself as the only official representative of backgammon players in Principality of Monaco.

Despite his quite young existence, M.C.B.A. wishes to promote and to develop the backgammon in the Principality of Monaco, to pick up with his national team a place on the world tournaments and to favor the creation of points of game in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Today, the association counts more than 50 members and offers a capacity of 80 players by tournaments, M.C.B.A. giving players its "Hector Saxe" game boards. Strong of an advantageous geographical situation, M.C.B.A. welcomes players coming from the whole world. M.C.B.A. offers to its members friendly meetings and monthly tournaments.

M.C.B.A. has for ambition to become a reference in the international community of the backgammon and to anchor in the Principality of Monaco community.




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